Sms Remote Control 1.2

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Access your phone through text messages!

Access your phone from SMS message texts!

Have you forgotten your phone at home and want to see incoming calls or just search a phone in your contact list?
Have you lost your phone, and want to locate it or simply make it ring as you left it in silent mode?
Or maybe you want to remotely read your received text messages? This application is for you!

Below are the commands that can be executed:
-Contact search
-Get the received SMS
-Get the calls log
-take picture and send by email
-record audio and send by email
-Make a call
-Run an application
-Airplane mode
-Get the battery state
-Turn the wifi on/off

Everything is secured, since you can create profiles for specific phone numbers and grant them (or not) rights. There is also a public access (that you can enable or not) to grant rights to any phone.

The application can work in silent mode or not. If so, all the texts processed by the app, won't be notified nor appear in the sms box.

Two ways to execute the commands :
-either in the interactive menu (just send the defined password by sms and follow the instructions).

-or by sending directly the command name (preceed by the password. The command will be executed only if the phone number have the required rights).

Please feel free to email us if you have remarks or suggestions, we'll do our best to answer you quickly!

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